Founder : Tim Jarvis

Back in April 2013 David Bartle, my wife Annette and I together with our daughter Melissa started praying for a new Pentecostal church for Withernsea. I had felt for some time that my calling was church planting up the east coast although I hadn't a clue how to go about doing it. So we knew we needed to pray, not just to prepare the way in the heavenlies, but also to find out from the Lord how to do it! As part of the preparation I researched the history of church plants in Withernsea as well as the percentage of Christians in the local population. The East Riding Data Observatory records "those identifying as Christian". South Holderness (the region of which Withernsea is a principal town) has the lowest percentile of "those identifying as Christian" and so this wasn't going to be an easy church plant.

Following much prayer we felt led to rent a shop and start a pub ministry. If the local people didn't go to church they did go to shops and pubs. It was the Gateway shop that proved to be the place we were to meet many of those people who would become the membership of Gateway Church Withernsea. Without it I feel we would have failed.

Tim and Annette (2017)

(Tim and Annette Jarvis 2017)

The Withernsea church grew steadily from 16 believers (including children) in our first ever service to our current average of 40 (April 2018).

On boxing day 2014 I prayer-walked along the beach from Withernsea to Bridlington. In 2015 I prayer-walked every street in Bridlington a job that took most of 2015. On New Year’s eve 2015 I prayer-walked from Bridlington to Filey. We now have a shop in Filey on Belle Vue street and start a new church "Gateway Filey" in June 2018. We also moved a year ago to live in Bridlington.

My calling is to plant churches all up the coast of the old kingdom of Northumbria. God knows how that's going to be achieved and I'm sure He'll reveal it as we push forwards.

Annette and I have six children and fourteen Grandchildren.